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Enhance Your Workout Routine with an Adjustable Workout Bench

When it comes to building a home gym, oftentimes one is limited on available space. With it’s compact design the Grit Elite adjustable workout bench is the perfect option for any home living situation. Giving you the ability to perform a wide range of weight bench workouts the Grit incline to decline weight bench has 6 adjustable backrest positions and 4 seat rest positions. The GRIT folding weight bench comes in both black and orange so that you can choose the color that best fits your home gym. Improve your home fitness routine today with a GRIT adjustable gym bench! 

  • Orange Adjustable Workout Bench Grit Elite Gear Product Photo

    Adjustable Workout Bench Orange

  • GRIT Complete Home GYM Equipment Set

    GRIT Complete Set: 2×12.5 lbs, 2×25 lbs, 2×55 lbs Adjustable Dumbells + Stand + Bench

    , , , $1,149.95
  • Set of 2x 55 lbs Adjustable Dumbbells and Workout Bench

    Home GYM Set: Workout Bench + 2x 55lbs Adjustable Dumbbells

    , $399.99$409.99