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Premium Adjustable Dumbbells and Workout Benches for Your Home Gym Workouts

At Grit Elite, we take pride in providing top-of-the-line home workout equipment! Our series of adjustable dumbbells ranges from 2.5 to 55 pounds and can be adjusted with one simple twist of the wrist. In addition to our free weight dumbbells we also offer an adjustable workout bench. So whether you’re looking to do incline, decline or flat bench workouts you’re sure to be covered with a GRIT adjustable dumbbell bench. Additionally, our dumbbell racks make it easy to store and rack your weights. Achieve your fitness goals from the convenience of your own home with weight lifting equipment from Grit Elite!

  • Black GRIT Dumbbell Stand with Two 55lb Grit Adjustable Dumbbells

    2x 55 LBS Dial Adjustable Dumbbells with Dumbbell Weight Stand

    , $419.99
  • 2x 55 lbs GRIT Elite adjustable dumbbells

    Adjustable Dumbbell 11 – 55 lbs

  • 25 lb Grit Elite Fast Adjustable Dumbbell

    Adjustable Dumbbell 5-25 lbs

  • Pair of 12.5 Grit Elite Fast Adjustable Dumbbells

    Adjustable Dumbbells 2 x 12.5 lbs

  • Orange Adjustable Workout Bench Grit Elite Gear Product Photo

    Adjustable Workout Bench Orange

  • Dumbbell Stand for 55lb Grit Adjustable Dumbbells

    Dumbbell Stand for Grit 55 lb Dumbbells

  • Elite Core Adjustable Dumbbells Set main image

    Elite Core Dumbbell Set: 2×12.5 lbs, 2×25 lbs, 2×55 lbs Adjustable Dumbbells

    , $629.99
  • GRIT Complete Home GYM Equipment Set

    GRIT Complete Set: 2×12.5 lbs, 2×25 lbs, 2×55 lbs Adjustable Dumbells + Stand + Bench

    , , , $889.99
  • GRIT Dumbbell Stand with Full Set of Grit Adjustable Dumbbells

    GRIT Supreme Dumbbell Set: 2×12.5 lbs, 2×25 lbs, 2×55 lbs Adjustable Dumbells + Dumbbell Stand

    , , $769.99$789.99
  • Set of 2x 55 lbs Adjustable Dumbbells and Workout Bench

    Home GYM Set: Workout Bench + 2x 55lbs Adjustable Dumbbells

    , $399.99$409.99
  • GRIT Elite PRO Workout Equipment Set

    PRO Workout Set: 2x 55lbs Adjustable Dumbbells with Stand and Workout Bench

    , , $539.99$549.99