Adjustable Dumbbell 11 – 55 lbs

  • Available Weight changes: 11 – 22 – 33 – 44 – 55 lbs
  • Activity: Bodybuilding, Fitness, Gym & Training, Weight Lifting
  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Brand: Grit Elite Gear
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The GRIT Elite 55 lbs. Adjustable Dumbbell Set is engineered with innovation to bring you professional quality exercise equipment that will help you achieve your fitness goals. It can be used both in a professional gym and at home. The handle grip has a special profile for perfect grip made from rust free material with non-slip texture avoiding injuries. Convenient and simple weight adjustment system using an original typesetting mechanism. The fast adjusting weight dial and wide range of weights from 11 to 55 lbs. makes these interchangeable dumbbells suitable for beginners as well as professional athletes.

GRIT Elite 55 lbs. Adjustable Dumbbell are equipped with a tray for the most convenient storage. All the materials used are of premium quality and you will really enjoy a rich feel and looks of this adjustable weight dumbbell set. Designed for a long service life.

Working out using dumbbells is a great way to start bodybuilding at home or gym.

Man Lifting 55 Pound Grit Elite Adjustable Dumbell

55 lbs Adjustable Dumbbell Set Features

  • original adjusting weight mechanism;
  • comfortable grip bar;
  • reliable GRIT Elite Gear lock;
  • dumbbell tray for store;
  • original design;
  • designed for a long service life.

55 Pound Grit Elite Adjustable Dumbell on Tray

GRIT Elite Gear

Grit Elite Gear for Achievers is a premium brand having a team of passionate health and fitness professionals at the core, who all are aligned towards a common goal, which is to help our customers enjoy a fit and healthy lifestyle. Keeping the same spirit alive we at GRIT are glad to offer an innovative solution for men and women who use dumbbells as key equipment in their fitness routine. We are hence happy to launch “GRIT – Adjustable Dumbbells Set” which is going to be a game-changer in this segment.

What makes the GRIT – Adjustable Dumbbells Set so unique?

✔ Proudly Designed in Seattle, WA USA by our team of health and fitness professionals.
✔ Premium quality materials of construction for a professional feel and unmatched elegant looks in the segment.
✔ Fast and wide range of adjusting weights from 11 to 55 lbs. making it suitable for men and women.
✔ A perfect value package of adjustable weight dumbbell in black color with resting tray.
✔ Designed for ease and comfort having non-slip grip and smooth quiet operation while adjusting weights.
✔ Great for fitness enthusiast beginners or professionals who are into serious muscle-building or core strengthening.
✔ It’s an amazing space saving solution compared to traditional dumbbells which occupy a lot of space for different weights.
✔ We offer 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, risk free purchase!

55 Pound Grit Elite Adjustable Dumbells

Why Use Adjustable Dumbbells?

Dumbbells provide two types of overloads; mechanic, and metabolic that lead to muscle growth. Heavy dumbbells can generate mechanical overload, while moderate-weight dumbbells combined with high reps (to fatigue) can produce metabolic overload. So, our weight set dumbbell is perfect for everyone who wants to get muscle strength by working out with dumbbells. This weight adjustable dial Dumbbell is equally useful for both men and women. Working out with dumbbells allows you to work out the exercised muscle as well as require the input from various stabilizing muscles. It will allow muscles to strengthen together.

Benefits of Dumbbell Exercises

  • Build Muscle
  • Boost Balance
  • Burn More Calories
  • Increased Energy Levels
  • Enhanced Overall Mood
  • Improve Core Strength
  • Better Bone Health
  • And more!

55 Pound Grit Elite Adjustable Dumbell Weight Tray

GRIT Elite Adjustable Dumbbell Weights Set 11 to 55 LBS with Fast Dial Switch for Men and Women

Home Gym Exercise Workout Strength Building

Why our product is better than other adjustable dumbbells?

  1. Rubber Handle
  2. Anti-slip grip
  3. Comfortable Hold
  4. Smooth Lift-Off
  5. Rust-Free Material
  6. Easy to Store
  7. Durable Molded Metal Plates
  8. Versatility and Interchangeability

55 Pound Grit Elite Interchangeable Dumbells

High Quality

Based in SEATTLE WA, these adjustable dumbbells made from solid and rust-free material have long-lasting protection; textured grips promote a secure, comfortable hold. The handle has a perfect grip non-slip texture helping avoid potential injuries. Smooth and durable molded metal plates ensure clean lift-off.

Adjustable Weight

Our adj dumbbell with dumbbell connector offers great versatility and interchangeability. Each dumbbell can be adjusted from 11 to 55 pounds. Easy to switch between working out with dumbbells or plates. Rapid switching lets you switch from one exercise to the next with a turn of a handle dial. Suitable for performing basic toning body exercises, core fitness, and strength workouts.

Easy to Store

Using a unique dial system combines multiple sets of weights into one. The custom fitted storage tray stores your dumbbell weight set, when not in use. The easy storage-compact design allows you to store and use dumbbell anywhere while still getting the true dumbbell feel.

Brand Support & Warranty

Grit Elite is based out of SEATTLE, WA. Your purchase of an adjustable dumbbell includes a one year warranty. If you find any unexpected issues or are facing any problem using our product, don’t worry, feel free to contact us. We will be glad to solve your issue. Our support team is online at every moment for your help.





Min Weight

11 lbs (5 kg)

Dumbbell Weight

55 lbs (25 kg)


Single Dumbbell with Tray, Pair of Dumbbells with Trays

4 reviews for Adjustable Dumbbell 11 – 55 lbs

  1. Adrian

    I’m so happy to have these! A must have if your building has closed the fitness center or your gym is closed down. Few other dumbells (I found none) of this type offer this much weight and in a pair. You should know, the weight increments are 11 lbs, which is fine for me. You’ll notice most other max out at 25 lbs and you only get one. This set more than doubles that. I just got them today, hope my review is not premature, but so far I love them!

    adriam amazon review

  2. Max M

    Received them today and just finished my first workout with them. They are exactly what I was hoping they would be. I was actually a bit nervous since I couldn’t find anything on the company selling these outside of this product on Amazon. The vendor shipped them the day after my order and I received them within a week (from west coast to east coast). The product itself is easy to use and exactly what you expect. The grip is nice and they feel well balanced. I was wondering what the actual design was too since I didn’t see a knob to turn like many of the other adjustable dumbbells, but you actually just spin the handle which is super convenient and easy!

    Max Grit Elite Adjustable Dumbbell Review

  3. Richard T

    Showed up rough, I guess the ups guy was a little upset he couldn’t use his dolley on my gravel driveway. But inside no damage and everything worked flawlessly. Full range of motion with these barbells. They are a little wider than I thought but it makes you really pay attention to your form! Must have for small home gyms no doubt about it!!!

    Richard Amazon Review

  4. Jennie

    It works exactly as advertised and better. i expected there to be a flaw of some sort but not really. I expected it to not be perfect, perhaps choosing the setting would be difficult but nope. The design is so simple and easy my boyfriend and I LOVE it. I bought two and don’t regret it at all 🙂 Must have!

    Jennie Amazon Review

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