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They are perfect for the home gym if you don’t have room for a full dumbbell rack or don’t want to spend half your workout swapping out plates on regular stacked dumbbells. On GRIT Adjustable Dumbbells weight changes takes 1-2 seconds.

Matt T. (Olympia, WA)

Experience of use: 6 month. Great equipment for daily training I train at home, the main advantage of GRIT Elite Adjustable Dumbbells is that you can equip a sports corner very compactly. You don’t have to rattle plates and shift them all the time. Switching weight between exercises and sets takes less then 5 seconds. In short, everything is easier and I’m more motivation to workout. Anthony K. (Boston, MA)

I can only say good things about mine, and I’ve use them four times every week this last year. Due to the quarantine that happened in Salem, my girlfriend started using them too! The grip is great, the mechanisms are smooth and I love their versatility.

Samuel W. (Salem, OR)


I love this set of dumbbells. The price was great. The cast iron feels very solid. Great materials.

Jeremy B. (New York, NY)