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To make the female arms beautiful, it would seem easier, than to the rest of the body. Any coaches are not necessary for this. Dumbbell female exercises for arms can be performed at home. However, even regular workouts may not give the desired result if you are not doing it right. What is the peculiarity of arm training for a lady, why triceps are more important than biceps and how to make arms beautiful? The answers to all these questions are in the article below.

What are beautiful arms for female?

In general, toning arms in a sporty female mean moderate development of all muscle groups (biceps, triceps and brachialis), the presence of a soft relief and high muscle density. But it also depends on the specific goal depending on her own aesthetic preferences, the training options for the female are especially different.

So, for the beautiful arms, you first need to determine the ultimate goal aimed at achieving each of the listed parameters.

What is the difficult in workout among females?

The main problem is that fat on our body is stored unevenly. Its largest deposits are on the stomach, buttocks and thighs. And females also have it on their arms, especially on their back side (triceps). These areas of the body in ordinary life are less mobile, so the body uses them by default as stores for excess calories. You can have great muscles in your arms, but if they are covered with a layer of fat and water, then who will appreciate them? Therefore, the question of how to lose weight in the hands comes to the fore for us. Here are just below the fatty tissue on the arms, while remaining thick in the rest of the body, will not work. This is the harsh truth of life, true for both men and women.

The triceps

In the process of fat burning, all parts of the body begin to lose weight: face, neck, stomach, chest. However, it is not enough for a female to just lose weight on her arms, it is important to keep the percentage of fat stable. This means that female should swing her arms not only to increase their size or increase muscle density, but also to reduce body fat.

In other words, in order to lose weight on your arms, you need to lose weight everywhere. But, in order to keep them in shape and not allow them to swim with fat, women’s workouts should be handwritten according to a special scheme.

How exactly to deal with a female for weight loss and muscle tone?

For anyone looking to pump up their arms, triceps is the main muscle group. Close attention should be paid to it for men, but exercise for women is of primary importance for the following reasons:

  1. Triceps is 60% of the arm’s volume. By improving muscle groups, you can quickly give your hands a proportional shape and volume
  2. The triceps muscle of the shoulder is strong, responds well to stress and recovers quickly. It’s even easier for female to build triceps than biceps.
  3. In the triceps area fat deposits are formed. High-intensity triceps training for females helps with this problem.

It is imperative to perform exercises for the biceps and brachialis (brachioradialis muscle). However, the popular purpose for females in sport training is to create tight, yet beautiful arms. And for this, the emphasis in women’s arm training must be done on the triceps.

Takeaway: Hand training for a girl should be done with minimal exercise between exercises and a lot of repetition. This is the fastest way to lose weight on your arms while simultaneously gaining volume and muscle density.

What weight of dumbbells can be considered optimal for exercising at home?

Choosing the right gantry weight is very important. The use of too light dumbbells will not give the desired effect, but, exercising with too heavy dumbbells can produce large muscles.

What kind of normal will be optimal? Every woman should define it for herself. Moreover, the entire gantlet can be used differently to perform different exercises.

If your task is exercises for strengthening the muscles without changing their volumes, then choose the dumbbell weight to produce 20-25 reps. And it is important that the last reps should be done with hard. As a rule, you  cannot help to raise the tone by increasing the tone. Therefore, it is necessary to approach the training of each muscle group in a differentiated manner.

female workout exercises
female workout exercises

So, for example, exercises for delts and triceps are better for females to perform with a number of repetitions of 12-15, and for biceps, select a mode of 15-20 repetitions. If the skin on the pad is flabby due to oxygenation, it is better to increase the load on the triceps, working them in the mode of 10-12 repetitions. Cooperatively, the weight of the dumbbell must be select in a way to complete the last reps with maximum effort, until the appearance of so-called muscle failure.

For adjusting the weight for different exercises, the adjustable dumbbells would be the best choice. You can buy it from our store.

Arm Exercises Women Can Do At Home

Muscles need time to recover, so one and the same muscle groups cannot be loaded daily. It is sufficient to train 2-3 times a week.

Before moving on to power training, it is necessary to do a workout to warm up the muscles, and finish the workout with desirable exercises.

At each workout, alternate strength exercises for different groups of muscles, performing each in 3-4 passes with pays of 45-60 seconds. If the required number of reps has become easy, increase the weight of the dumbbells.

The exercise technique must be followed carefully. With its violation, it increases the risk of injuries, the load is transferred to the other muscles, and the effectiveness of training decreases. Below are sets of exercises for all the muscles containing in the arms. However, as mentioned above, if your goal is not the volume, but aesthetically beautiful arms, then it is advisable to focus on exercises for triceps.

Triceps Exercises

With an increase in the volume and tone of these muscles of the shoulder, they become stretched, the skin coats take on a tone and do not provoke.

Triceps perform the function of the extenders, therefore, for their workout, they use extension exercises. The most popular basic exercise on the extension is all the famous push-ups. They perfectly work the triceps, delts, as well as the pectoral muscles, press and the entire shoulder belt.

Purposeful work on the arm muscles includes exercises on the triceps with dumbbells, for females there will be sufficient flexion of the arms from the head and incline.

Dumbbell Kickback

This type of bending is performed separately for each arm in 3 passes.

Dumbbell Kickback
Dumbbell Kickback
  • Turn left side to the chair, tilt and turn the seat with the right left hand. The back should be placed horizontally.
  • In the right hand lift the dumbbell, the palm of hand is turned to the hip. Hold the elbow to the torso, pulling the dumbbell down. This is the starting position.
  • Keeping the position of the body, shoulder and elbow unchanged. Then slowly and gently spread the hand, moving the dumbbell back. Do not straighten the elbow till the end, keep it a little close. Keep it in such position for 2 counts.
  • Slowly return to the starting position.
  • Move lightly. The elbow should not swing and slide down. The wrists are tensioned and locked relative to the forehand in one position. Extension of the arm from behind the head. These extensions are also performed separately for each arm in 3 passes.

French Dumbbell Press

French Dumbbell Press
French Dumbbell Press
  • Sit on a chair with the back. The feet are rolled into the floor, the back is straightened.
  • Raise the dumbbell over your head, holding the arm vertically, with the palm facing forward. Bend your arm at the elbow and move the dumbbell to the head. This is the starting position.
  • Without jerking, slowly straighten the arm, pulling by the triceps to the top.
  • Return to the starting position.

Keep the body straight, the wrist should not “gag”, and the wrist should not dangle. Do not hold the dumbbell at its lowest point while starting the extension. Keep the elbow slightly bent as you direct it.

Deltoid Exercises

There is one danger in exercises for shoulder. If the exercise technique is not correct, the delta can be load with trapezius – the dorsal muscles of the back, which move to the posterior surface of the neck. Powerful exercise for females does not need anything, therefore, when training delts, it is necessary to observe the following rules:

  • do not lift the elbows above the level of shoulder cycling;
  • the shoulder belt should be emptied, do not press the shoulders or lift them.
  • monitor yourself during the exercise, make sure that the trapezius muscle do not work.

Dumbbell Press

Pressing the weights in the standing position gives a large load on the back. To avoid injuries, females need to perform exclusively the “seated” position, so that the back always remains straightened. You can choose the bench you like in our store.

Overhead Dumbbell Press

Overhead Dumbbell Press
Overhead Dumbbell Press
  • Sit on a bench or a back-rest chair and use your back. The feet are damped into the floor.
  • Bend your arms with dumbbells and place them at ear level. The elbows are set apart, the forearms are vertical, the hands are turned forward. This is the starting point.
  • Lift the dumbbells up, leaving your elbows slightly bent.
  • Linger at the top for 2 counts. Make sure that the dumbbells move in a vertical plane, do not touch each other.
  • Return to starting position. Without pausing, repeat the bench press.
  • When performing a bench press, remember that this is not a jerk. The weight should be squeezed out smoothly, not pushed out.

Dumbbell Chest Flies

Dumbbell Chest Flies
Dumbbell Chest Flies

When performing this exercise, there should be no swings. Only smooth and slow movements.

  • Stand up straight. Hands with dumbbells are lowered with palms to the body.
  • As you inhale, lift the dumbbells through the sides to the horizontal.
  • At the top point, hold the dumbbells for 3 counts.
  • The shoulder girdle is lowered, the elbows are slightly bent, and the axis of the dumbbells is perpendicular to the body in all positions.
  • As you exhale, swing the arms down.

Important notes:

  • lifting must be done slowly, without jerks;
  • lift the dumbbells no higher than the horizontal, so as not to load the trapezius;
  • reps must be done without pause, continuously.

Female Biceps Exercises

In general, the biceps during the training program are already sufficiently heavily loaded. Individual biceps exercises can be performed, but preferably not as often as triceps exercises. Especially if your muscles are responsive to the load. Otherwise, it will lead to excess volumes of biceps and squares.

Bicep Curl

Bicep Curl
Bicep Curl

Biceps are flexor muscles, so they use flexion exercises to train them.

  • The initial position is as in the Overhead Dumbbell Press exercise. Sit on the bench, straighten your back and firmly use your feet in the floor. The weights in the loaded arms, the palms look ahead, the arms are close to the body.
  • As you inhale, perform a biceps curl. Keep part of your arm still from elbow to shoulder.
  • While inhaling, slowly lower the dumbbells to the starting position. Do not straighten the elbows until the end of reps.
  • At all stages of exercise, the shoulders must maintain the vertical position. Movement must be smooth, without jerks.

The Pull-ups

The Pull-ups
The Pull-ups

Also, the biceps can be pumped with the help of the pull-up bar. To facilitate this difficult exercise for females, try to perform pull-ups in an inclined position with a supported foot. To do this, you can use either a low bar, or substitute a leg support under a regular horizontal bar so that the bar is at chest level.


Arm toning female exercises at home with emphasis on triceps is not an easy task. The return on such activities depends entirely on the available sports equipment. The wider it is, the more exercises you can perform and the sooner you can achieve your goal – beautiful toning arms. And our GRIT store will be happy to help in this matter, since adjustable dumbbells are the best friends for women looking for sport.

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