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People who decide to go in for sports often arises with the question: should I go to the gym or the home workout is okay?

The answer will be as follows: the place of training does not guarantee the result, it depends only on your perseverance and dedication. How come? Let’s try to figure it out.

Basic training rules

Regardless of where you train, you must adhere to some principles. They will help make your workouts more effective and safer:

  1. Exercise should be regular. It is best to train 2-3 times a week with approximately equal intervals between sessions.
  2. The most optimal time for training program is 30-60 minutes.
  3. Before exercising, make sure you warm up your muscles and joints.
  4. Include cardio and strength training in your workout routine. In such way you will not only build muscles, but also burn body fat.
  5. Finish your workout with a cool-down or stretching.
  6. Over time, you need to increase the intensity of the load. To do this, do more reps in the set or add weights.
  7. To make exercises more effective, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle and eat right food.

Workout in the GYM: advantages and disadvantages

The peculiarity of training in the gym lies in the fact that the atmosphere of this place sets you up for a workout mood. Here you are surrounded by people whose goals often coincide with yours. For many beginners, this becomes the strongest motivation for productive work on themselves. When you see the result of others, there is a desire to achieve it yourself.

Training in the gym is also convenient because it has all the necessary equipment. This allows you to work on all muscle groups. The use of equipment also allows you to increase the load, which makes your workouts more effective.

Workout in the gym: advantages and disadvantages
Workout in the gym: advantages and disadvantages

However, training in the gym also has some disadvantages that may affect your decision to purchase a membership:

  • the high cost of membership. On the one hand, this is a disadvantage, and on the other, additional motivation not to skip workouts;
  • road to the gym. Sometimes, due to the inconvenient location of the sports club, the journey to and from training can take too much time;
  • attachment to the training schedule. Often you have to rearrange your daily routine in order to get to the fitness room at a convenient time.

Home workout: pros and cons

Working out at home is much more comfortable than in the gym. Classes at home save time and do not depend on the schedule of classes in the fitness club. Home workouts have many benefits:

  • budget. You do not need to purchase a membership and pay for a coach’s consultation. If you want to study according to the program, then you can always see the guide for classes on our website. It will also be helpful to familiarize yourself with the rules for choosing the right dumbbell weight (5 RULES FOR CHOOSING THE RIGHT DUMBBELL WEIGHTS).
  • time saving. On average, it takes 1-2 hours to get to the sports club and home, change clothes and shower. With a tight daily routine, it can be difficult to carve them out. Doing it at home, you save this time in advantage for more important things;
  • lack of a clear schedule. You can conduct home workouts at a convenient time for you;
  • psychological comfort. Many are ashamed of their poor physical fitness, which creates some inconvenience while exercising in the gym. At home, you feel comfortable.
Home workouts: pros and cons
Home workouts: pros and cons

But exercising at home is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. Here you feel relaxed, and therefore you need a lot of self-discipline for a regular workout. At home, you will have to independently seek motivation for yourself and control the training process. We will show you how best to prepare yourself for homework in this article.

A significant disadvantage of home workouts is the lack of equipment and sports equipment. However, fortunately, a modest set of dumbbells and a bench are enough to create the optimal shape. After all, training with dumbbells can bring you more benefits (10 BENEFITS OF WORKING WITH DUMBBELLS) then you can imagine. Over time, it will become necessary to increase the physical activity on the muscles, and this will require heavier shells. That is why buying a pair of the adjustable dumbbells is not a choice for today, but for the future. And even if a trainer who will monitor the correctness of the exercises is not around, we already have a separate article, according to which you will be able to understand which muscles should be strain in certain exercises.

As you see, the place of training activity plays a secondary role in achieving the desired result. Therefore, when choosing between a gym and workouts at home, you need to be guided by your own preference. Remember that the effectiveness of training depends on your efforts, so be confident in walking towards your goal and adhere to the basic rules of physical activity.

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