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The benefits of free weights for muscle building, fat burning, and strength are no doubt for anybody. Dumbbells are versatile, effective and very convenient equipment for strength training and muscle building at home. But each of us has his own goals and different physical shape. And here is the question: how to choose the right weight of dumbbells for training at home for beginner athletes? To answer this question, we have prepared 5 rules that will help you correctly determine which weight for training is best for you.

5 rules to choose the training weight accurately

Choosing dumbbell weights for Your training goals

Before you start exercising, it is important to understand that exercise with dumbbells is an anaerobic load. This means that training with dumbbells makes physiological processes prevail in the body that do not require a large amount of oxygen. Physical activity of this kind perfectly develops muscles, gives a quick effect on reducing body fat, quickly improves the figure, as it accelerates metabolism and increases Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption (we will discuss E.P.O.C. in more detail in one of the following articles). However, for full physical development as for the maximum result in reducing excess weight, it is simply necessary to combine power loads with aerobic ones.

Aerobic exercise is brisk walking (including daily walking), jogging, swimming, rowing, not cycling, and cardiovascular exercise. However, the dumbbells can also be used for aerobic training with light weights, through which you can perform various movements for at least 5-20 minutes: squats, lunges, jumps, presses, flexion and extension of arms, imitate the movements of a boxer, etc. Accordingly, the first rule when choosing a right weight for training will be the answer to the question: what goals do you pursue in training with dumbbells? Whether it is a desire to pump up muscles or strengthen them for tone, or perhaps you are pursuing the goal of losing weight. The answer on this question will determine what weight of the dumbbells will be optimal for you.

So, when you have decided on the goals, let’s move on to the next rule.

choose dumbbell weight
Right choose dumbbell weight

Weight gain

Whatever training goal you set, your training programs with dumbbells should be based on the principle of a gradual increase in training with weights. This is the so-called progressive overload principle. Without observing this fundamental rule, you will not be able to count on either the development of muscles or getting rid of extra pounds. From here, we recommend you to stick to the following five steps:

  1. Mark the required number of repetitions. For example, let’s take 10-12 reps;
  2. Choose a weight that you think will allow 10-12 reps to failure with correct technique;
  3. If you have completed all 10-12 reps, keep the weight and use in the next set;
  4. If you have not reached the lower limit of 10 repetitions (you have completed, let’s say, only 8), then reduce the weight of the projectile;
  5. When you can easily complete all 12 reps, then slightly increase the weight.

And remember, increasing the weight of dumbbells does not mean that with each workout it will be more and more difficult for you. You are a living organism and therefore you adapt to physical activity. Today it seemed to you an unbearably heavy load, but in a week can deliver pleasant sensations that you did not even know about before.

Choosing dumbbell weights for men and women

The next rule is based on the fact that the growth of muscle mass occurs against the background of a high content of the male hormone in the blood – testosterone. The female body produces about 10 times less of it than the male. Therefore, men have a greater percentage of muscles on the body and are physically stronger than beautiful ladies. So, for training men need heavier weights. And this is an important factor to consider when choosing a weight for the dumbbells.

For men, in particular, it makes a little sense to hold dumbbells for muscle building exercises lighter than 11 lb. At the same time, for cardio exercises, 11 lb dumbbells will be the optimal choice for beginner athletes. If you continue to do home strength training to increase muscle mass, then you’ll required to train with heavier weights. Hence, for the first time, it is better to take dumbbells, the weight of which could range from 11 to 55 pounds, depending on the exercise being performed. So for greater convenience, we recommend that you purchase collapsible dumbbells.

Women generally use dumbbells up to 25 lb. It is advisable to start with light options and gradually increase the load by 1-3 lb. However, keep in the head that the female body has much less norepinephrine hormone, which in the realities of the training process helps men train more selflessly. The female body does not allow to go so far, since it considers every woman as a potential mother and does not allow all the energy to be spent without a trace on the exercise. Accordingly, if you cannot complete the required number of repetitions, then you need to replace the inventory with a lighter one.

Big muscles = big dumbbells

Different tasks require different weights to work all types of muscles. And rule number 4, which will help you choose the right dumbbells for training, sounds like this: the larger muscles requires more weights. In other words, your legs or back will be able to withstand more weights than, for example, your arms. Accordingly, if you can easily get by with 15 pounds of dumbbells for pumping biceps, then you can safely use 20-25 pounds for squats. However, do not forget the main thing: for each person, the loads are individual, you do not need to compare yourself with others.

Training intensity

The last rule for choosing the right dumbbells is intensity. Intensity is the amount of work done per unit of time. In our case, intensity is the degree of focus on muscle work. The higher the intensity, the more significant and faster the result. This is the law of weight training. The intensity must be increased constantly. To do this, just gradually increase the weight of the dumbbells. This is why it doesn’t make any sense to buy a pair of fixed weight dumbbells for using at home. It’s better to pay for collapsible dumbbells or a set of dumbbells from 2 to 22 pounds or more. For home use, a pair of collapsible dumbbells is definitely more convenient. Today you can buy very comfortable, stylish and beautiful GritElite dumbbells with convenient locks that allow you to quickly change the set of pancakes on the bar.

And for the end, we can only wish you to train tightly, without too long pauses between sets. And train as often as reasonable. Good luck with the right weght!

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