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Every athlete who has tried to train at home gym knows how indispensable a workout bench is. You can make improvised weights or dumbbells from improvised means, find a replacement for a barbell, a horizontal bar. But nothing can replace a bench for a bench press, back or press.

A good workout bench gives the athlete stability, reliability and safety. Where there is no confidence in the projectile, the technique suffers, the effectiveness of training falls, and the risk of injury skyrockets. This is why the bench has been the best-selling home workout equipment for many years. With the right bench, you can work out as productively as in the gym, quickly gaining weight or gaining muscle mass.

The workout bench allows you to train the following muscle groups:

Abdominal muscles

Twists – straight, lateral, at different angles, with and without emphasis – exercises that can be performed on almost any bench. Such training allows you to develop the iliopsoas, rectus and oblique abdominal muscles, strengthen the body and protect the viscera, reduce the level of visceral fat and – with proper nutrition – get a slender waist with the cherished “cubes”.

Lower back

Classic, reverse and lateral hyperextension is not only a beautiful, strong, but also healthy lower back! Back extensor exercises ensure correct posture, reduce pain from sedentary work, strengthen the spine, and increase deadlift performance.


Back push-ups are one of the basic triceps exercises. Athletes who dream of big and strong arms should definitely include it in the program. For straight push-ups – wide or narrow – a bench is also suitable. The beginners do push-ups with an emphasis on the bench. And those who have mastered the usual push-ups from the floor can put their feet on the bench, increasing the load.

GRIT Elite Workout Bench for Home GYM
GRIT Elite Workout Bench for Home GYM

Leg muscles

A stable bench of the required height will ensure comfortable and safe performance of Bulgarian squats, lying pelvic lifts, side swings, and steps. And if the bench is equipped with a leg block, it will also allow you to work out the calves, acquiring the dream of any ectomorph – steel “irons”.

Pectoral muscles

A bench without racks is suitable for performing a press with dumbbells or weights, it is also an indispensable tool for the main isolating exercise on the chest – dumbbell breeds. A bench with a stand will allow you to perform a bench press. And if the back is adjustable, large and small pectorals can be worked out at different angles, gradually acquiring the perfect torso.

Upper back

The bench will allow you to perform rows of dumbbells or weights in an incline, pullovers, swings to the sides and other exercises for the lats and traps.

GRIT Workout Bench
GRIT Workout Bench

In addition to all of the above, the Grit Elite Workout Bench is used to train arms – French bench press sitting or in an incline, concentrated flexion, Scott’s flexion, – forearms, neck. You can pump your entire body with a full range of exercises – from basic to special isolating – right at your home GYM!

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