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First of all, proper nutrition in training circles implies adherence to the regime. And before you think that the body needs carbohydrates (a source of energy for muscles) before a workout, and proteins (for gaining mass) after, it is better to understand the principles of diet, that’ll allow maximum benefits in muscle growth from the workouts.

Nutrition Rules for the Gym

Workout with the dumbbells in the sweat is a wonderful system for strengthening your body and losing fat. But in any case you need a system, and any system implies rules. And sport activities are no exception. Below we picked for you six basic rules to help you build muscle in the gym. By observing them, you will get one step closer to building the body of your dreams.

1. Food first, training after

Working with weights involves a waste of energy that the body needs to restore from somewhere. This is why eating an hour and a half before training is so important. Try not to overeat. On the contrary, you need to refresh yourself so that at the end of the meal you must have a feeling of slight hunger. You need protein and slow carbohydrates to feel full and release energy. These include lean meat, seafood, cereals, bread and vegetables. In case of a morning workout, a combination of oatmeal and green tea is a good choice.

2. Nutrition or exercise

Combining a grueling diet with a quality workout will not work together. There is a very high chance that your fat will remain and your muscles will go away. It will be much more effective to break the meal into small portions, at least four times throughout the day. In this case, it is advisable to teach the body to eat at a certain time and avoid overeating and eating in a hurry. Combine your meals with the training in such way, you could have a snack in the first twenty minutes after you finish training. The “good time” for a meal after exercise is two hours. If this has not happened, consider that you did not exercise.

3. Exercise done, carbohydrates gone

Excluding carbohydrates after exercise is necessary for the body to work after exercise. And if you load the body with carbohydrates, then it stops its work of burning fat.

4. Protein = muscles

Protein Food
Protein Food

After training, be sure to eat protein. It is proteins that have a positive effect on muscle strengthening. Suitable for nutrition: lean meat, fish, cottage cheese and eggs. Eliminate the option of going to bed on an empty stomach.

5. Fight with the fat smart

Try to switch to low-fat foods and avoid fat in your diet after exercise. It is best to avoid fatty meats, lard and spreads. But remember, that it is also impossible to completely exclude fats from the diet. After all, if you remove them completely, then the lubricant for the joints will disappear, the muscles will weaken, and vitamins and minerals will be harder to absorb.

6. There is never too much water

Lack of water in the body leads to a slowdown in metabolism and a violation of the water-salt balance. All this entails a deterioration in training endurance. The head starts to hurt and dizzy, nervousness, dry mouth appears. In such situation body will collect all the water in itself and we are no longer talking about losing weight. Therefore, do not limit yourself in water consumption. Important! You need to drink as much as you want. Even during training. Before training, it is advisable to drink a glass of water, during the workout water is optional.

What do we get with sports nutrition in the end?

So what conclusion can we draw from all of the above? In fact, three such conclusions can be drawn at once:

  • to burn fat, you need proteins and a large amount of fluid;
  • lean food before training only helps to improve results;
  • to consolidate the accumulated muscle mass you need to have a good snack within two hours after training.

Hope, you have learned about why it is so important not only proper nutrition, but the competent combination of a training regimen with a diet. So, let’s train and get one step closer to building the body of your dreams.

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