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If You Want To Lose Fat Before Change A Single Thing In Your Diet, Do It

The topic of dieting and weight loss does not lose its relevance. And it so happens that a person tries to limit himself in food, but this turns out to be not enough. It’s not a secret for anyone that for proper weight loss you need to combine training with proper nutrition. However, even doing your best in the gym and squeezing out a sweaty T-shirt after a workout, the scales can treacherously show the same weight without changes. We will talk about why this can happen today.

Weight loss: right or fast?

Every smart nutritionist will recommend to add exercise to diet to help you lose those extra pounds. Why? It’s simple. During physical activity, various changes occur in the body that brings it out of the state of stable homeostasis (stable state of metabolism).

To return to normal, the body needs time, energy in the form of calories and additional substances (oxygen, protein, carbohydrates, water, vitamins, minerals, fats and other substances). This is where the physiological effect comes into play, which experts call E.P.O.C.

E.P.O.C. stands for Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption. That is the state of the body when after training it requires an increased amount of oxygen. For a certain time after training (which depends on the nature and intensity of the training), the body actually absorbs much more oxygen than under normal conditions. After intense, well-structured workouts, this process takes about 1-2 days.

EPOC effect (weight loss workout)

The graph below shows how the increased oxygen demand remains after training (blue and green areas). It gradually decreases, but still persists for up to 1-2 days.

And here you need to remember one thing. The longer the EPOC and the more energy-intensive it is, the faster you will lose weight.

Why? Because during the EPOC period, the body’s metabolism proceeds faster. And the faster the metabolism, the more calories you burn, and therefore lose weight.

How does the growth of EPOC physically feel?

After a competent workout aimed at burning fat (like the example described in one of the previous articles “circuit training“, your only desire should be the desire to sleep.

A slight heat should be felt in the body, although the body temperature itself should remain normal. This is a clear sign that your oxygen consumption has increased dramatically.

You may also feel a slight shortage of air (for several hours after training), as if you were climbing the mountains. This is again due to the increased need of the body for oxygen.

For some time after training, the heart rate may remain slightly elevated. This is again a consequence of the accelerated metabolism and increased oxygen consumption.

When exercising to lose weight, elevated EPOC levels can lead to mild discomfort when doing physical work. Especially the day after training. But this is what means that you are effectively losing fat and extra calories.

This means that you lose weight between workouts, and not just with the right diet. Now you get know, that if you want to lose fat, you better change the way of training, not only a single thing in your diet. And we sincerely hope this information will help you on your way to improve yourself and your body.

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