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Building a home gym or buy a fitness subscription? – Workout somewhere or at home? At first glance, everything is obvious: a personal gym costs a lot of money and it is much cheaper to go to a gym than to spend money on sports equipment. But on the other hand, if you don’t have to go anywhere, it saves money and time.Consider planning and design guidelines to determine how easy and affordable it is to build your personal home gym.

Essential Keys for Building a Home Gym

1. Acceptable area of ​​the room

This is the first thing to determine when starting a home gym. Will it be a separate room or its fenced off part? Or maybe, equipment will be randomly located throughout the space? The most productive choice is, of course, concentrated home gyms, where equipment will be located close to each other. If sport equipment requires a lot of room space, you should think about redevelopment or just abandon the idea of ​​organizing a gym at home.

Keys to Building a Home Gym
Keys to Building a Home Gym

2. Technical preparedness of the space

The home gym must have a window, electricity, ventilation. That’s why choosing basement or semi-basement rooms is not the right idea. , high humidity will reduce the service of simulators, deteriorate the state of the respiratory system.

3. Project budget

The amount of allowable costs is important, since it depends, in fact, on what will be in the hall. Initial costs will be required for room conversion, technical equipment and the purchase of basic sports equipment. Less popular or expensive equipment is better to buy a little later.

Planning procedure

The most affordable option is to organize a gym in a private home. Firstly, it will not require spending on improving sound insulation and sound insulation. Secondly, in the absence of the required area, it is possible to attach it, because a private house allows redevelopment at the discretion by the owner. This allows you to increase the area, the number of outbuildings and floors.

Home GYM planing
Home GYM planing

A gym in an apartment building makes sense only if there is a large area. Otherwise, you will have to do with compact sports simulators: a corner with a Swedish wall, dumbbells, a step platform, a jump rope, a fitball, a rug.

GYM Equipment
GYM Equipment

Determine the goal of training

To understand which machines are better to be used in home sports, it is worth to identify your training goal. If the focus of the home gym is to achieve the desired energy expenditure for weight loss, then for this goal the emphasis is on cardio training. This means that it requires exercise on running, orbitrack, stationary bicycles and step aerobics. Such types of exercises needs durable equipment and a large area of ​​space.

Determine the goal of training when building your home gym

To gain muscle mass at home, you will need a gym with an emphasis on heavy equipment. In order for the body to develop proportionally, it is necessary to take into account all muscle groups, so that there is a proportional load on all parts of the body. This required a specialized bench, a set of dumbbells with different weights, a bar with a set of weights, a leg trainer. More advanced athletes use the barbell, a complete set for the back and arms.

A home sports option for maintaining the functioning of the musculoskeletal system. In this case, exercises are practiced on sparing models of equipment that imitate the usual dynamics of joints and muscles without overloading. An orbitrack, an upright bike, and a treadmill are recommended.

Selection of Sport Equipment for Home GYM

You can determine which equipment for your home gym to use from two parameters: the size of the room and the purpose of the exercise. However, there is also a unified inventory that is suitable for everyone.

The elliptical trainer will help increase endurance, strengthen the cardiovascular system, and get rid of excess calories. It is suitable for any person, regardless of the degree of physical fitness and age. Classes on an ellipse at home to lose weight and save time, as they can be combined with watching your favorite movie or TV series.

The treadmill also belongs to the machines that are needed for cardio loads. Running is considered a universal exercise for starting a workout – it warms up all the muscles, increases the blood circulation. However, it is contraindicated for people with weak joints or heart problems.

The Swedish Wall Bar is necessary for people who have a comprehensive approach to the purchase of equipment for home workouts. Such equipment is suitable for both a child and an adult. On the basis of the installation, you can create a strength complex, and also use it as an auxiliary stretching trainer.

The dumbbell set will also be a versatile investment in your home gym. Thanks to the ability to independently determine the permissible load, you can quickly tone the muscles or create a relief.

A jump rope is an equipment that is suitable for home workouts for children and adults. Moderate cardio and the need to maintain a sense of rhythm will help warm up the muscles before the strength load. And the workout completed with its help normalizes breathing.

A mat is another must-have in every home gym. It will come in handy when stretching, hitching, and also if you need to increase cushioning.

Each sport equipment must be safe for health, so when buying, pay attention to the quality of the assembly and mountings. If it’s possible, test the device and evaluate the adjustment mechanisms. The treadmill should provide a comfortable running position, and the orbitrack should adjust the height of the pedals and their lifting. In addition, it’s better to choose more well-known manufacturing companies for a home gym, as this guarantees experience and several years of work without breakdowns.

What do we got as a Result of Home GYM Building?

Planning and creating a gym in your home is a workable idea. This will take money, time and patience. However, the benefits of this can hardly be overestimated. After all, training at home is more comfortable and does not require travel time. And the individual use of the equipment will ensure hygiene and health.

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