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Dumbbell allow you to diversify the program, and also have a number of benefits over the barbell. What are we talking about, we’ll discuss in the article below.

Four Reasons to Make the Dumbbells your Favorite in Fitness, Dumbell Benefits You Shuld Know

1. Exercises with dumbbells are safer for joints than exercises with a barbell

Take a bench press for example. The dumbbell option is safer for the elbow and shoulder joints, since the arms are not fixed in one position, and the movement is more natural – in this case, you have the opportunity to unfold the hands. In other words, if you have problems with the shoulder or elbow joints, then it is preferable to use dumbbells for training. The same recommendations apply to those who experience discomfort during barbell exercises. So if you find it difficult to do upper body exercises with a barbell, try changing it to dumbbells and see what changes.

2. Dumbbells are great for home workouts

If you want to have your own home gym, but the limited space of an apartment or house does not allow you to fully develop, then adjustable dumbbells will be the best purchase. After all, they not only save space, but also one pair of dumbbells will be enough to replace half of the equipment from the gym. This is why a set of adjustable dumbbells is the best choice if you want to practice at home. If you need some extra weight, it can be done with few extra pads, without any additional equipment. We have already written about why you need to choose the right weight for your training (5 RULES FOR CHOOSING THE RIGHT DUMBBELL WEIGHTS).

3. Load distribution

Dumbbells allow you to train the right and left sides separately so that both limbs do the same amount of work. If your arms are unevenly strong, then dumbbell exercises can help even out this imbalance. When working with a barbell (for example, a bench press), the imbalance in the strength of one arm is balanced by the strength of the other. And by doing the same exercise with dumbbells, you will load both limbs equally.

4. Safety dumbbell benefits in exercise

Some exercises are just safer to do with dumbbells. For example, if you lose your balance during the dumbbell counter lunges, you can always easily drop the weight. In the case of lunges with a barbell on the shoulders, loss of balance can cause a serious injury.

Dumbbell Benefits
Dumbbell Benefits

Yes, there are no absolutely safe exercises or absolutely safe equipment. And there is a likelihood of injury with dumbbells. This usually happens if the person is using too heavy weight or performing an exercise with the wrong technique. That is why it is important not only to be able to select the correct weight, but also to know the correct technique for performing exercises with dumbbells. However, we hope you understand why dumbbell exercises have value and deserve to become your favorite fitness friends.

Any other dumbbell benefits you can add? Please write in the comments.

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