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The eternal debate about what to choose for training – dumbbells or sports machines? Let’s try to look at these sport equipment separately.

The advantages of sports machines

  • The ability to take a comfortable body position makes training easier and more technical.
  • Each muscle group works separately for the best results.
  • During the exercise, the correct movement of the body is also ensured.
  • The ability to lift heavier loads.
  • Exercises take a minimum of time, because it is much easier to set up the sport machine.
  • Minimize the likelihood of injury or trauma while exercising.

Disadvantages of sports machines

  • Individual muscles are trained more strongly, while some groups remain unloaded.
  • Some muscle groups are left untrained because the body is in an optimal position during exercise.

Using sports machines – when is it better?

To train certain muscle groups, it is best to use sports machines, as well as for those who have not been involved in sports before. As a rule, each unit is equipped with rules and schemes for their use, an optimal body position is maintained, there is a possibility of quick weight adjustment, and their ease of use makes them in demand. True, during training, you cannot change the movements, as with free weights, because most sports machines are designed for movement in only two directions.

Using dumbbells – when is it better?

Dumbbell exercises require a more stable body position to train additional muscle groups. Dumbbells allow you to perform a variety of exercises, alternating or combining them, while machines offer a limited set of exercises.

When choosing dumbbells, many muscle groups are trained at the same time, which allows you to achieve the same effect even in the presence of weak muscles. But safety arrangements should be observed when training with dumbbells. For the best effect, you should practice both equipment – dumbbells and sports machines, combining them.

Beginners can be advised to start with sports machines as the chances of using them incorrectly are minimal. They are also easy to set up and regulate due to the presence of schemes, instructions. For each specific muscle group, you can choose “its own” sport machine. But if you want to fully train the muscles of the whole body, the required number of sports machines may simply not fit in your gym!

As for dumbbells, free weights require initial training, knowledge of correct exercise performance, and control over body position. At the same time, one or two weight-types of adjustable dumbbells (for example 2.5-12.5 lbs + 5-25 lbs OR 2.5-12.5 lbs + 11-55 lbs) and workout sport bench are already enough to train any muscles in your body in your home gym!

As practice shows, most people prefer training with dumbbells, only a few prefer exercise machines. Therefore, in our shop you will find a wide selection of workout equipment sets for your home gym.

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